The Department contains studios for the materials like; Wood, Stone, Terracotta, Metal, Sculpture Design, Ornamental Design and Clay. Room of the teachers , the head of department, the studios and the classes do exist in the Department settlement. The teachers are listed below according to the studios they are attendant;

Professor. Nilay Kan Büyükişliyen(Head of Department: Composition in Sculpture, Project Design

Professor. Nilüfer Ergin Doğruer: Studies of Nature, Analysis in Form of Sculpture, Artistical Anatomy, Sculpture Environment

Professor. Dr. Tülay Baytuğ: Metal Sculpture

Associate Professor. Şeyma Üstüner Uzunöz: Ornamental Design

Asisstant Professor. Ümit Öztürk: Composition in Sculpture, Project Design, Casting Techiques in Metal, Casting Techniques in Polyester

Asistant Professor. Nurettin Bektaş: Studies of Nature, Analysis of Form in Sculpture

Lecturer. Ziyaettin Nuriev: Stone Sculpture, Sketching

Lecturer. Füzun Salor: Terracotta Sculpture Atelier, Terracotta Sculpture Studio

Lecturer. Hakan Uzuner: Stone Sculpture

Lecturer. Bihrat Mavitan: Sculpture Design Studio

Lecturer. Kemal Tufan: Wood Sculpture Studio

Lecturer. Burak Bedenlier: Sketching Studio, Metal Sculpture Studio

Lecturer. Hikmet Başaytaç: Visual Expression Techniques

Research Assistant. Dr. Alaattin Kirazcı: Sculpture Design Studio

Research Assistant. Lale Altunel: Analysis in Form of Sculpture, Artistical Anatomy, Studies of Nature

Research Assistant. Uğur Tankut: Analysis in Form of Sculpture, Sketching Studio

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